As your local Toyota dealership in Columbus, OH, we understand that keeping your Toyota in good condition is important not only for your car but also for your safety. That's why our service experts at our Service Center work hard and use only the best supplies and equipment for your beloved Toyota. These high standards apply to our oil changes as well: we use only Genuine Toyota Motor Oil and Genuine Toyota Oil Filters when we service your new or pre-owned Toyota. These products are designed specifically for your Toyota vehicle, so you'll always be driving the best.

Oil Change Specials

What Makes Synthetic Oil Different?

Gas Pump

Fuel Economy

While synthetic oil changes will improve your car's performance and prevent repairs in the long run, synthetic oil will also improve your fuel economy by half a mile per gallon of gas. You'll save money today, tomorrow, and far into the future with synthetic oil changes. If your Toyota vehicle usually gets a base 20 MPG, an oil change can save you up to $30 after 10,000 miles of driving, assuming that gas costs $2.50/gallon. These savings will add up, making a high-quality synthetic oil change worth every penny!

Dollar Sign

Cost Effectiveness

At first, synthetic oil changes may seem more expensive, but when it comes to your new Toyota model, quality makes all the difference. Synthetic oil changes typically cost $20 to $30 more than a conventional oil change, but over time synthetic oil changes will actually save you money!



As engine technology today improves, our technicians have adapted a more advanced form of care in order to keep your Toyota at its best. Many of our Toyota models are certified for a new zero weight synthetic lubrication standard: SAE 0W-20. When you choose to use our low-viscosity 0W-20 oil, you are guaranteeing yourself better engine performance, better fuel economy, and reduced engine deposits from your car. Your engine will be better protected by the improved lubrication and reduced friction that our synthetic oil provides, so ultimately your Toyota will run longer, better, and more efficiently.

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